Friday, 29 November 2013

Right then, a busy old week again chaps but a positive one nonetheless. We start with the 5th team away at Melton Mowbray 3 on Wednesday: -
1 B 146 Cope, Shaun 1 - 0 Chalashkanov, Nikola 129
2 W 122 Gist, Elizabeth 1 - 0 Eastlake, Charles 120
3 B 73 Keightley, Andrew 0 - 1 French, Barry 115
4 W 60 Walton, Alison 0 - 1 Goldsmith, Rory 114

A slightly disappointing draw team, but the 5th team still remain undefeated - a marvellous achievement so far - well done squad! Unfortunately no amusing reports / confessions this time but good (and expected) wins for Barry F and Rory so well done to you two, that's Rory's first win of the season. Well done Rory. Nik was outgraded but put up a good fight and Charles lost, Nik did try and show me your fatal mistake Charles - all I can say is OOPS!
Now on to the 6th team last night: -
1 B 107 Cooper, Barrie 1 - 0 Lathwood, Roy 114
2 W 109 Hammond, Grant 1 - 0 Closs, Guy 101
3 B 109 Hulford, Frank 0 - 1 Barlow, Steve 89
4 W 110 McKiernan, John 1 - 0 Martin, Paul 88

A very pleasing win this one was team, in more ways than one. Some of you might have noticed that since becoming the Minor County Champion, John's form has nosedived. I consulted the club captain and said that I'd like to play him on the lowest board possible. Because of his poor form, I was able to play him on the 4th board without breaking the rules.
First to finish was Barrie Cooper. My 5th and 6th team squad has some players in excellent form at the minute and Barrie is one of them. A brilliant win for Barrie when his opponent realised that he couldn't stop a passed pawn queening, the pawn being aided by Barrie's King.
Second to finish was Frank. I'm afraid that Frank fell to a suspected case of gamemanship. Frank told me after the game that he exchanged Queens and maybe forgot to press his clock, with Frank's half of the exchange gone, his opponent took an age to play such an obvious move. (Alarm bells should ring!) His opponent pleaded ignorance after the game but Frank lost on time being a pawn up in the middlegame.
Out of form John was next to finish, firstly losing a piece after 6 moves (a world record for me - I've not seen anything quicker OTB), but the finish was pleasant. His opponent moved his queen and this move removed said queen from the protection of the mating square it was protecting. I called John a lucky person (or words to that effect) after the game.
Finally there was Grant, another player in fine form absolutely steamrolling his opponent during the middlegame and seemingly finding the best move each time. He was 6 pawns up when after a check was given by Grant, his opponent moved his King to the one square that allowed a mate in one. Extremely well played Grant.
Ben Vaughan