Monday, 11 November 2013

A very impressive win for the 6th team last week: -
1 B 85 Shaw, Peter 0 - 1 Winterton, Paul 111
2 W 75 Richardson, Gary 0 - 1 Cooper, Barrie 107
3 B 62 Kellock, Jim 0 - 1 Hammond, Grant 109
4 W 60 Brown, Thomas ½ - ½ Vaughan, Ben 104
5 B 60 Woodhall, Henry 0 - 1 Poulacheris, Darren 102
6 W 14 Gonzaga, Edda 0 - 1 Dean, Simon 69

A crushing 5.5 to 0.5 win.
Special thanks to Barrie Cooper for stepping in.
Regarding the actual match, it's the same story I'm afraid chaps, I can't really comment on too many games aside from my own. I played a promising young man called Tom Brown. He equalled me all the way, anticipating my plans, foiling my plans and just being a pain. Simon won first (and it looked pretty convincing), Barrie won next, his game again looked pretty one sided and Paul won on board 1, didn't see the end position Paul, sorry. I then offered young Tom a draw which in truth he had earnt so I was only too happy to secure the points and the win for the team. Richard Hanscombe was at the Bowls Club and he took one look at the final position and said 'draw'. Then shortly after, Darren beat his young opponent. Darren was a full rook up and after avoiding back rank mate threats, went on to convert the point. Last to finish was Grant. After neutralising the threat of a passed pawn in the middlegame (how?), Grant pushed his passed pawns on to win the point.