Friday, 22 November 2013

21 NovWigston 6vSyston 5
2 - 3
1B111Winterton, Paul1 - 0Adams, Mick94
2W110McKiernan, John0 - 1Mundy, Rob86
3B102Poulacheris, Darren1 - 0Agger, Reg88
4W104Vaughan, Ben0 - 1Veitch, Robert88
5B69Dean, Simon0 - 1Morelli, Nando58
A disappointing result. I didn't see much of everyone's games though, again I apologise.
The night started off well enough, Paul was first to win. Paul's comment after the game was 'he just kept giving his pieces away', I have yet to face such an opponent! Still, he needed beating Paul and you did it well.
I think that John fell next, I didn't see much of the position but I hear that John lost a piece early and again it fell apart for him.
Simon was next to fall, losing a piece in the middlegame - his opponent saying 'I thought it was a trap!' before realising it was a freebie. Simon was mated by two queened pawns in the end.
I was next to fall. After having an excellent opening and fritz saying I had an advantage, I managed to miss winning a piece, hotly followed by trading off in a bad position and letting the advantage slip away and facing an ugly endgame with a passed pawn and strong king which started pawn munching.
The night ended on a positive with Darren winning on time but in a good position anyway. (BV)