Monday, 4 November 2013

31 Oct Wigston 5 v Oadby 1
2 - 2
1 B 129 Chalashkanov, Nikola ½ - ½ Pettitt, David 131
2 W 114 Goldsmith, Rory ½ - ½ Thornton, Mike 116
3 B 110 McKiernan, John 0 - 1 Candlin, Don 112
4 W 107 Cooper, Barrie 1 - 0 Gutteridge, John 61
A disappointing draw at home to Oadby.
I was entertaining new boy Marcus and giving him a much needed practice game in match conditions.
Barrie was first to finish, before I'd finished my friendly. He approached me and gave me the thumbs up. I looked briefly at his board and the final position and it looked like a very nice win indeed, I think it was a crushing mate......?
John was next to finish, unfortunately on the wrong end of a poorly played middlegame which we had a brief look at after the game. John made a couple of mistakes and wasn't able to recover after a fairly decent opening.
Rory was next to finish, agreeing a draw where both players had attacking chances swiftly followed by a draw for Nik. Both looked very even closed boards and draws looked sensible.