Thursday, 31 May 2007

Lightning Tournament

It's always great fun - the Lightning Tournament will be held at the club on Thursday 7th June - the games are controlled by a 10 second buzzer - when the buzzer sounds, you have to move. The evening will have a combination of league and knockout formats so everyone gets a few games irrespective of your success.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Chapman and Birstall Cups

The 2nd round of the Chapman Cup and the 1st round of the Birstall Cup have now been announced. The following matches are to be played before Friday 13th July:

Birstall vs. Wigston 2 (Chapman Cup)
Loughborough 1 vs. Wigston 1 (Birstall Cup)
Littlethorpe 2 vs. Wigston 3 (Birstall Cup)

Friday, 25 May 2007

Results of Round 1 of the Chapman Cup

We have three teams in this year's Chapman Cup, Wigston 1 captained by Andy Morley, Wigston 2 captained by Phil Watkinson, and Wigston 3 captained by Iain Dodds.

As you know, the Chapman Cup is a 4-board handicap tournament, where depending on the difference in total grading between the two teams, bonus points are added to the score. It can therefore be quite tricky for a strong team playing a weaker team - an upset on just one board can prove fatal!

The full results for round 1 are on the LRCA website, but briefly, the Wigston 1 lost against Birstall (2-2 but with a 1½ bonus to Birstall); Wigston 2 won against a very strong Loughborough team (a loss of 1-3 but a 3½ bonus turns that into a win), and finally Wigston 3 lost against Spinney Hill (1-3 no bonus).

The hero of the day is definitely Stephen Smith, who was losing (just like the rest of us in the Wigston 2 team), but managed to catch Jim Miller (grade 156) in a mid-board mate. This win provided the team victory, and means at least one team from the club appears in the next round.

The Wigston 1 and the Wigston 3 teams will now play in the Plate Tournament, the Birstall Cup.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Player Performance 06/07 published

A summary of player statistics for games played in 2006/07 in the leagues and the Birstall and Chapman cups. The Player of the Year trophy was won by Alan Edwards with 88.4%, with Martin Burrows second with 78.6%

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Awards at the AGM

Just to let people know, at the AGM last week the following trophies were presented:

  • Veterans Trophy - Peter Gibbs
  • Player of the Year - Alan Edwards
  • Clubmanship Trophy - Phil Watkinson
  • President's Trophy - Dave White

Chapman Cup Round 1 fixture for Wigston 2 team

The 1st round match for the Wigston2 team against Loughborough will be played at home on Thursday 24th May 2007. The team is: Phil Watkinson (captain), Stephen Smith, Andrew Pike and Barrie Cooper.

Just a reminder

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