Friday, 25 May 2007

Results of Round 1 of the Chapman Cup

We have three teams in this year's Chapman Cup, Wigston 1 captained by Andy Morley, Wigston 2 captained by Phil Watkinson, and Wigston 3 captained by Iain Dodds.

As you know, the Chapman Cup is a 4-board handicap tournament, where depending on the difference in total grading between the two teams, bonus points are added to the score. It can therefore be quite tricky for a strong team playing a weaker team - an upset on just one board can prove fatal!

The full results for round 1 are on the LRCA website, but briefly, the Wigston 1 lost against Birstall (2-2 but with a 1½ bonus to Birstall); Wigston 2 won against a very strong Loughborough team (a loss of 1-3 but a 3½ bonus turns that into a win), and finally Wigston 3 lost against Spinney Hill (1-3 no bonus).

The hero of the day is definitely Stephen Smith, who was losing (just like the rest of us in the Wigston 2 team), but managed to catch Jim Miller (grade 156) in a mid-board mate. This win provided the team victory, and means at least one team from the club appears in the next round.

The Wigston 1 and the Wigston 3 teams will now play in the Plate Tournament, the Birstall Cup.