Friday, 20 July 2007

Wylie Cup

The first match was played on July 19th at the new club premises, the Wigston Liberal Club. Everything went well, including the result - Wigston beating Braunstone 5 -3. We were made welcome and the playing conditions were very good. A lot of time has gone into sorting the equipment out, and the sets are much better to play with now. Thanks Barrie and Phil.
For the record, the match result was:

Wigston Result Braunstone Result
1 B Martin Burrows 0.5 John Robinson 0.5
1 W Martin Burrows 0.5 John Robinson 0.5
2 W Alan Byron 0 Mike Salisbury 1
2 B Alan Byron 1 Mike Salisbury 0
3 B Alan Edwards 0.5 Jim Bingham 0.5
3 W Alan Edwards 1 Jim Bingham 0
4 W Walter Dehnen 1 Paul Colburn 0
4 B Walter Dehnen 0.5 Paul Colburn 0.5

This win gives us 4 wins from 4 matches, although we had a scare in the first leg, which we should undoubtedly have lost 1 - 3 - until Walter's opponent lost an ending in which he was Q + N v Q.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Chapman Cup - draw for the semi-finals

Dear Colleagues - The draw for the semi-finals of the Chapman Cup, made today, is as follows:

Loughborough 2 vs. Market Harborough
Wigston 2 vs. Hinckley

Home teams, listed first, must offer two dates as usual to the opposition. The CC final is, as you know, to be played on September 13th, so we have plenty of time to complete these two matches. However, in case of any disputes, slip-ups etc, I suggest that you arrange dates before the end of August.

Best wishes.

Jim Miller

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Chapman Cup round 2 result

Played last night (Tuesday 10th July) at Birstall:

1 Norton, Craig 171 Drawn 124 Watkinson, Phil
2 Sharpe, Graham 159 1-0 139 Dodds, Iain
3 Bray, Dave 152 1-0 127 Marlow, Jack
4 **DEFAULT** 0-1 124 Smith, Stephen
BONUS 0-2.5
TOTAL 2.5 - 4.0

Birstall fielded a tough team; luckily for us they defaulted their bottom board (although this meant a wasted journey for Steven); also the grading difference (129) just put our bonus into the 2.5 points category.

We all had good long games, Jack was unlucky to lose; Iain looked if he was going to hang onto the draw. But the Birstall board 1 allowed a perpetual check which gave a draw which was sufficient for a win.

Roll on the next round - the semi finalists are:

Market Harborough
Wigston 2
Loughborough 2