Monday, 2 February 2009

Scraptoft Valley 1 v Wigston 2 match result

Played on Thursday night at Scraptoft Valley:

1  Edwards, Alan 181  Drawn  173  Morley, Andy
2 Graf, Roland 170 1-0 161 Watkinson, Phil
3 Burgess, Ray 164 Drawn 146 Smith, Stephen
4 Collins, Bob 162 1-0 150 Wells, Jez
5 Tate, Mick 155 1-0 143 Pike, Andrew
calculated score : 4 - 1

A tough match where we were outgraded on every board. However Andy had perhaps not read the script since he enjoyed an edge thoughout his game with Alan Edwards, culminating in a passed pawn. However, Alan was never going to let Andy have anything more than a draw.

My game had its moments, but after I slightly misplayed the opening, the final result was not going to be in doubt. Stephen had an interesting game where he was generally the poorer, and then it looked to be curtains when his opponent boldly sacrificed a piece for a couple of pawns to give him three connected passed pawns. However Stephen managed to hold the draw.

Jez, on board 4, is finding his new grade a bit tough (tell me about it...) and was struggling from about move 5... Similarly, Andrew, back to chess after a break over Christmas, found his opponent in good form, and after losing the exchange in the late middlegame, was finished off in efficient style.

The next match is next Thursday (5th Feb) at home against Loughboro 1.
Regards, Phil.