Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Answers to chess puzzles

A couple of blogs ago, a couple of puzzles were taken from Alan Byron's games from Gibaltar. Here are the answers: The first one (see above) was the easy one to get you in the mood: Black to play and win.
The move, of course, is Qf1 mate. This was taken from Alan's last round game and so is a nice way to finish a tournament.

The second one is a bit harder. Black to play and win material. I gave you a hint by mentioning the knight on g6. Did you see 53. ... Rxg4+! 54. Kxg4 (and now the knight can fork king and rook) Nxd5+ Play continued 55. Kf4 Nxd3+ 56. Kf3 Ne5+ and Black had won an important pawn.

Nice one, Alan.