Friday, 13 February 2009

Loughborough 2 v Wigston 3 match result

Hi, All,

Played last night:

1     Hardy, Otto 142 Drawn 161 Watkinson, Phil
2 Adcock, Terry 146 0-1 146 Smith, Stephen
3 Hickman, Peter 139 0-1 150 Wells, Jez
4 Adcock, Gregory 139 1-0 143 Pike, Andrew
5 Clarkson, Ian 137 Drawn 141 Daniel, John
calculated score----- 2 - 3 ----------------

A very even match which could have gone either way.

Otto was playing very solid chess and had the better game after I blundered a pawn. A draw was a fair result with only a few minutes left on the clock.

[PK Watkinson - O Hardy, Black to play]. (Oops!).

Stephen on board 2 had a much more interesting game, being under the cosh for the majority of the time until the position opened up and he took the opportunity of winning a piece with a rook fork. A couple of moves later, another piece was going and his opponent resigned.

Jez, on board 3, finished a confident game with a king hunt and mate, his opponent's (White) king being forced to take a bishop on g6 (!) before being mated on h4 (or h3 - not sure). Andrew, however, struggled after losing a pawn just after the opening and was never given a chance to recover.

John, on the bottom board, seemed, to my occassional glance, to have the initative in the centre with potential for a break-though or a king side attack. However potential is one thing and conversion to a win is another, and a draw was a fair result.

The next match for W3 is in a fortnight's time, at home against Ashby.

Phil (Temporary captain).