Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Wigston 4 v Braunstone 2 : Match Report


The boys did good! Outgraded on every board, we managed a fighting draw:

1 Paul Colburn    (135) v Phil Watkinson(123) 0-1
2 David Sandovitch(124) v John Daniel (120) 1-0
3 Pat Hogan (121) v Brian Shuter (112) 1-0
4 Gavin Young (118) v Dave White (109) draw
5 Tony Robinson (107) v Paul Gray (103) 0-1
total 2.5-2.5

John and Brian were well beaten by much stronger opponents; Dave managed a good draw without any pawns being exchanged (!); I easily beat Paul Colburn who didn't play anywhere near his strength; leaving Paul Gray to make an excellent fight back to win his game and so draw the match!

Ray popped in later (having been to the Braunstone Social Club first and wondering why nobody was there) and so has the score sheet for submission to the LRCA.