Sunday, 30 September 2007

Peter and the Wolf

I just thought you may like to hear a little story; I smiled and I think you will too, and I hope Peter will not be too embarassed.

Anyway; I was chatting to Peter Gibbs after the last round of the Charity quickplay event recently. Peter was our Board 1 for the Wigston2 team (I was playing on Board 4). We had just played Birstall, led by GM Mark Hebben, and had been well beaten 3-1.

"What was it like playing Mark Hebben?", I asked; "The same feeling as being run over by a steamroller" was the reply. Dimly aware of Peter's illustrious past, I asked "When did you last play a grandmaster?"
"Oh, that guy will the Bc4 move in the Sicilian - what was his name - aah yes, Velimirovic" was the reply(!). There was a pause. "But I won that one" came the afterthought (!!).