Friday, 28 March 2014

18 Mar Syston 5 v Wigston 6
4 - 0
1 B 96 Martin, Maurice 1 - 0 Winterton, Paul 111
2 W 86 Mundy, Rob 1 - 0 Hammond, Grant 109
3 B 88 Agger, Reg 1 - 0 Poulacheris, Darren 102
4 W 58 Morelli, Nando 1 - 0 Livsey, Laurence 80
A truly horrific result team!
In fairness, they were a little lucky to get a 4-0 but it was our own fault?
Grant was first to fall. He fell for a rook and queen fork with a knight when trying to protect a pawn and then tried to attack by 'saccing' a knight that actually got him nowhere! Unlucky and well done for playing on for a bit Grant. (It turns out your opponent missed a forced mate too!)
Next to fall was Laurence on his debut for the club. I'd kept a close eye and Laurence was doing fine and beating his opponent going into the endgame, but blundered his queen by capture with a knight for no compensation and therefore resigned. A tough way to learn Laurence! Plenty of positives to take from it though.
Paul was next to fall. I didn't see much of your game Paul but I heard the commotion after the pawn fork against knight and bishop. I thought you had some play for it, but your opponent defended well and turned it into an attack, at which point I guess you resigned.
Last to finish was Darren. This summed the night up for me. Darren was busted but played on a queen for a couple of pawns down (remember team I always encourage you to play on and this is why!) His opponent made the most horrendous blunder allowing Darren to queen a pawn. He then ran out of time deciding what to do with his advantage! Yes that's right, his flag fell! I was screaming at him in my head to make any legal move but he seemed to allow his flag to fall. I had also reminded him that he didn't need to write his moves down but he still continued to do so.
20 Mar Latimer 2 v Wigston 5
1½ - 2½
1 B 118 Slater, Brian L 0 - 1 Chalashkanov, Nikola 129
2 W 114 Hill, Granville 1 - 0 Eastlake, Charles 120
3 B 113 Gurney, Roy 0 - 1 Goldsmith, Rory 114
4 W 111 Davis, Richard T ½ - ½ Cooper, Barrie 107
An excellent result away at Latimer.
Well done to Nik (yet another win Nik - keep going my friend!) and Rory (keep it up Rory, some excellent results to date). A creditable draw for Barrie and a loss for Charles to his undergraded opponent.
26 Mar Red Admiral 2 v Wigston 6
1 - 3
1 B 105 Carter, Andy 0 - 1 Goldsmith, Rory 114
2 W 100 Barabas, Peter 0 - 1 McKiernan, John 110
3 B 91 Slater, Mick ½ - ½ Vaughan, Ben 104
4 W 94 Parsons, Stan ½ - ½ Poulacheris, Darren 102
An excellent result for the 6th team now and good wins for Rory once again and John.
John finished first with a lot of stuff going on in the middlegame. It looked like there had been an explosion on the board and a race to queen a pawn which John won and managed to check his opponent to stop his opponent's pawn queening and John won the game.
Rory finished next, I didn't see much of your game but told us a little bit that went on Rory. A queen in front of King allowing you to win a rook it seems and an excellent win for you. Well done - that's just over 50%!
I finished next. I was a pawn down in the middlegame. I sacced an exchange to get some piece activity and got through to an endgame which was totally drawn with two pawns each in zugzwang and Kings roaming around the board.
Darren was last to finish. With both players low on time and too much going on, they agreed a draw.
Now the 5th team last night: -
27 Mar Oadby 1 v Wigston 5
2½ - 1½
1 B 131 Pettitt, David 0 - 1 Chalashkanov, Nikola 129
2 W 116 Thornton, Mike 1 - 0 Eastlake, Charles 120
3 B 112 Candlin, Don 1 - 0 Cooper, Barrie 107
4 W 90 Glenton, Ivor ½ - ½ Hulford, Frank 109
A disappointing result team, but the 5th team are safe in the division so this result doesn't really matter, but the late title surge is over?!
Another excellent win for Nik (well done again!), unlucky Charles and Barrie, that's a shame for you both and a draw on the end for Frank.
Ben Vaughan