Friday, 14 March 2014

06 Mar Wigston 5 v Melton Mowbray 3
3½ - ½
1 B 129 Chalashkanov, Nikola 1 - 0 Farquharson, Ian 138
2 W 110 McKiernan, John 1 - 0 Martin, Steve 100
3 B 111 Winterton, Paul ½ - ½ Poolan, Peter 71
4 W 109 Hammond, Grant 1 - 0 **DEFAULT** ?
A very convincing win.
Peter Poolan, the Melton captain, rang me just as I was leaving to get to the club, to say that they were a player short due to illness that was sprung upon him at 6:30 that evening. Having spoken about it, he conceded that he'd have to default a board. Thanks to Grant for being the one who actually volunteered to be the one spare player. (He wanted to get home to the wife, which I understand).
To the games now, Paul was first to finish with the luckiest draw that I have ever seen. (To put it mildly Paul!) In an almost totally busted position with pieces en prise, Paul's opponent offered a draw. Immediately he said 'Why did I do that?'. Paul shook his hand much to his opponent's dismay!
Nik finished next. I felt Nik was maybe ever so slightly down position wise but after being greedy and 'winning' a pawn, Nik found a nice combination that forced his opponent to 'sac' a rook for nothing or else face a back rank mate. Well played Nik - you're having a good season!
Last to finish was John. A fairly even game but John's opponent's queenside pieces were being dominated by John's advanced pawns. John had more active pieces, missed a Rook that was en prise but thankfully won through when three pawns up. His opponent thought he could march a passed pawn down the board and John mobilised his pieces to defend and forced a resignation. Well done John.
Now last night's result: -
13 Mar Wigston 5 v Red Admiral 1
3 - 1
1 B 120 Eastlake, Charles ½ - ½ Findley, Paul 130
2 W 114 Goldsmith, Rory 1 - 0 Wylie, Paul 121
3 B 107 Cooper, Barrie 1 - 0 Carter, Andy 105
4 W 109 Hulford, Frank ½ - ½ Findley, Laurence 110
I'm afraid that your captain was on friendly duty last night so I have only seen the very even opening phases, all of which of course, looked fairly even.
A very pleasing result team - well done to all of you! We were outgraded on 3 boards out of 4 and each of you can be very pleased with your result, even if you aren't actually pleased with it!
Well played to Barrie and Rory for excellent wins and also pats on the back for Charles and Frank for very creditable draws.
Ben Vaughan