Friday, 3 April 2009

Wigston 2 v Loughborough 1 Match result - Our first win of the season!!!!!!!

Hi, All,

Played last night:

1     Morley, Andy 173  0-1  177 Sheahan, Sean
2 Watkinson, Phil 161 Drawn 168 Miller, James
3 Dodds, Iain 154 1-0 160 Mitchell, John
4 Smith, Stephen 146 1-0 142 Hardy, Otto
5 Daniel, John 141 1-0 146 Adcock, Terry
calculated score ----3.5 - 1.5 ----------------

This was rescheduled from earlier in the year when we had a week of proper winter weather; and our second match this week. On Monday we had been 'properly' beaten 4-1 by Littlethorpe with Andy having the only win to save the whitewash.

So what a way to bounce back, to beat Loughboro 3.5 to 1.5 to give us our first win of the season. And the reversal of fortune extended to the fact that Andy was the only one to lose....

The first game to finish was Stephen's and Otto's; they were playing in the pool room since Otto is so frail nowadays that he cannot get up the stairs; in Otto's own words, he played badly.

My game with Jim Miller was interesting and with chances for both sides; I was pleased with my play and happy with the draw.

Man of the match was Iain; reversing a poor position to win with a forced checkmate even though it allowed his opponent to gain a second queen!

John, on board 5, had kindly stepped in that morning to play, did the honours by gaining a piece in a complex middlegame, and once he had managed to make the time control, the win was comfortable.

Andy, struggled against an in-form opponent, a piece down half way though the game and finally lost.

Overall, a great result for the team, more of the same please for our next match at Shepshed on Thursday 23rd April.

See you next Thursday for the AGM.