Friday, 24 April 2009

Shepshed 1 v Wigston 2 Match result


Played last night:

1 Henfrey, Robert 174  0-1  180 Horspool, Phil
2 Bowley, Rupert 164 0-1 173 Morley, Andy
3 Simpson, John 165 Drawn 173 Ward, Alan
4 Farrall, David 160 1-0 161 Watkinson, Phil
5 Rice, Stephen 141 Drawn 154 Dodds, Iain
calculated score -----2 - 3 -------------------
Bottom of the table clash: A tense "six-pointer" made even more tense after my quick loss to a Dave Farrall classic attack.

Iain always had a solid position and Alan Ward always had the draw in hand but it was up to Phil H and Andy to show the way with convincing wins.

The Division 1 league situation is now: 5th Wigston 2 with 5 points and 1 game to play; 6th Loughboro' 1 with 4 points and 2 games to play, and bottom, in 7th, is Shepshed with 3 points and 1 game to play.

The key game to decide the final rankings is the Shepshed v Loughboro game on the 7th May; if Shepshed win that one, and Loughboro win their game in hand, then we will need to get something out of our last match against Braunstone 1 (also on the 7th).


[David Farrall - Phil Watkinson; White to play].
I had just moved my king to g7, to counter the obvious move 19. Qh3 (threatening mate) with 19. ... Rh8. And as soon as I have a chance, I will take his e5 knight off. Also appreciate that White's other knight is pinned against his h1 rook, and I have my a8 rook ready to come to a5 to protect my kingside, you can understand that I was feeling ok about my position.
However, David had a much better move than 19.Qh3. and 3 moves later I had resigned. What did he play?