Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wigston 2 v Scraptoft Valley 1 match result

Hi, Neil,

Played tonight:

1    Horspool, Phil 180 Drawn 181 Edwards, Alan
2 Morley, Andy 173 Drawn 170 Graf, Roland
3 Watkinson, Phil 161 0-1 164 Burgess, Ray
4 Dodds, Iain 154 Drawn 162 Collins, RF (Bob)
5 Smith, Stephen 146 0-1 155 Tate, Mick
calculated score: ----1.5 - 3.5 ------------------

The second team were always going to struggle against the second best team in the Division. Phil and Andy did well to draw their respective games; I didn't put up much resistance against Ray Burgess. Iain never had anything more than a draw, and Stephen, on the bottom board, was struggling with a poor position and very short of time, and blundered a piece.

Overall, we lost 1.5 against 3.5 and probably this reflected the relative strengths of the teams.

Next match is in a fortnight's time, the return fixture at Scraptoft Valley.