Thursday, 22 January 2009

Braunstone v Wigston 1 Match Result

Played on Wednesday night at Braunstone:

1     Robinson, John   0-1   Byron, Alan
2 Bingham, Jim Drawn Dehnen, Walter
3 Sandrovitch, David 0-1 Burrows, Martin
4 Colburn, Paul Drawn Morley, Andy
5 Sainsbury, Mike Drawn Dodds, Iain
score: -------------1.5 - 3.5 ---------------

The board 1 game was interesting, but fairly comfortably won by Alan in the end. Walter, on board 2, was worse for some considerable part of this game and even ran short of time in the quick play finish. Jim was getting short of time too when Walter managed to win a pawn - this resulted in a temporary adrenaline rush with Walter declining the offer of a draw..... when he had 27 seconds left on his clock to Jim's 2.5 minutes. He soon realised there was no way he could win it - certainly not in 27 seconds (although he was down to 7 seconds by now). Fortunately Jim Bingham, being the gentleman he is, accepted Walter's draw offer when he might quite legitimately have opted to play on.

Martin was helped by Dave blundering on move 31 when he thought he was actually playing move 30 - and therefore played it v quickly to avoid losing on time! Without this miscalculation it could have been quite difficult for Martin.

On board 4, I had an interesting -ish game in which Paul got more play than I expected from the opening. I tried to unbalance it and open things up only to find that several of the tactics I had "in the air" didn't work, for various reasons. I had to bale out into a dead drawn opposite coloured bishops and rooks ending at which point we called a truce.
A quick draw on the bottom board - justified by the end position.
So, overall, it could have been closer........ but it wasn't!