Sunday, 2 December 2007

Solution to Chess Puzzle - Week 7

As I mentioned last week, this puzzle is from a league game so there may not be a neat and tidy solution but rather a best line from a mixture of practical chances. On the plus side, however, it showcases some of the nice tactics played by your colleagues at the club, so please enjoy.

Let's remind ourselves of the position, with Stephen, as White, to move:

  1. Ra8+ Kh7
2. Nxf7! (a move with enormous potential)
2. ... Qe4 (to restrict the white queen after the forthcoming check)
3. Rh8+ Kg6
4. Qxe4+ dxe4
5. Ne5+!
winning the rook. The end position looks like this:

Nice one, Stephen, and all played in less a minute.