Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Loughboro 1 v Wigston 1 match report

Played on the 6th Dec, we won, convincingly in the end. Results, in the order they happened:

Martin 0.5 Jex 0.5

Martin can be excused for this result - he phoned me at 7.10 to say he was stuck in traffic in Narborough because there had been an accident and police had closed the road. He didn't get to the M1 until 7.30 - the time that Loughborough started the clocks (they have to be out of their premises promptly). He arrived at 7.55 with 25 minutes on his clock and a time limit of 30 moves in 1 hour!
In fact, partly due to the bad weather / traffic we were all late and started with a 10 minute deficit on the clocks

Alan 1 Mitchell 0
Andy 1 Dawkins 0
Steve Smith 1 Hickman 0

Steve was the player drafted in to cover your absence. He's played for the 1st team several times before and, although he's only a 129 grade he seems to do well when he plays for the 1st team! He won this one in the quickplay finish, although his opponent missed several golden opportunities to force a draw.
Phil Horspool 1 Glover 0
This one went right to the end with John Glover losing on time (in a totally lost position) and Phil with half a minute left on his clock.
So it was 4.5 - 0.5