Friday, 17 August 2007

Wylie Cup result

Played on the 13th August in the Wylie Cup (rapid play):
Littlethorpe 1 Wigston W-B B-W
1 Jones, Chris Burrows, Martin ½-½ ½-½
2 Cowley, Mike Edwards, Alan 0-1 0-1
3 Hewitt, Sean Morley, Andy 0-1 1-0
4 Karsisiotis, Ioannis Horspool, Phil ½-½ ½-½
Total: 3 5

It looks like we're playing our final Wylie Cup game (v Littlethorpe 2) at the Club on August 30th. (subject to venue availability). But after this win this is now academic according to my calculations, this means we have now secured the Wylie Cup with one game to spare!
In addition to losing to us the other teams,Braunstone, Littlethorpe and Birstall have all drawn with each other and Scraptoft Valley and Littlethorpe 2 have lost most/all of their games and Loughborough have pulled out.