Friday, 31 August 2007

We're off to Wem - bley...!

Yes, we're in the final! The Chapman Cup, that is, and we are actually off to Loughborough for the final against the Loughborough 2 team.

The score against the Hinckley team in the semi-final played last night at the new venue was closer than may be seen:

Phil Watkinson (126) 1-0 Simon Fisher (135)
Steve Smith (124) 1-0 David Moore (107)
Andrew Pike (115) 1-0 Terry Clay (89)
Barrie Cooper (111) 1-0 Douglas Opie (92)
Team Handicap 0-½
Total 4-½

Steve Smith had to see through the complications of a hack attack against him before winning; Barrie had a confidient win on Board 4. Andrew's game looked very drawish until his opponent allowed a back rank mate (oops!) and I should have lost, or drawn at best, but my opponent threw away a king and pawn endgame in time pressure.

I would like to thank the team for a sterling effort - let's do it again in a fortnight's time.