Friday, 7 February 2014

We start with a brief outline of the last couple of results: -
04 FebBraunstone 4vWigston 5
2 - 2
1B122Robinson, Anthony1 - 0Chalashkanov, Nikola129
2W80Barker, Ian1 - 0Eastlake, Charles120
3B116Oliver, John0 - 1Goldsmith, Rory114
4W108Hill, Cyril0 - 1Vaughan, Ben104
A pleasing draw with Braunstone 4.
I think first to finish was Nik, all I can say about the game was I heard Nik make a sound that seemed like something bad had happened. I think he lost a piece in the middlegame and played on for a bit but wasn't able to hang on.
Charles was next to finish. An exciting game with the most amusing part being Charles declaring 'Checkmate' during the middlegame. His opponent pointed out that Charles had played an illegal move. Charles sheepishly moved his Queen back to it's original square and eventually lost.
I finished next - I had stepped in after neither Charles or I had heard from Frenchy. I won with a Knight hopping around the board and he fell for a King and Rook fork. I felt that his game wasn't lost but he resigned.
Rory was last to finish. He was in a better position out of the middlegame and converted it really well into an endgame. You trod very carefully and won the point for the team in spectacular fashion. Well played Rory.
That is another draw and we avoid defeat again!
06 FebAshby 4vWigston 6
1½ - 4½
1B118Armstrong, Victor½ - ½Winterton, Paul111
2W80Roberts, Neil0 - 1Hammond, Grant109
3B87Brown, Mick1 - 0McKiernan, John110
4W86Williams, Richard0 - 1Vaughan, Ben104
5B59Nicholson, Brian0 - 1Poulacheris, Darren102
6W54Holmes, Stephen0 - 1Dean, Simon69
On to last night's match now, an excellent victory against Ashby's 4th team.
Thanks to Paul and Simon for giving the lifts.
Grant finished first I think. I am sorry Grant, I didn't see any of your game but a good win against the Ashby 4th team captain, well done.
Paul finished next with a good draw. To quote Paul 'That was the most boring game I've ever played'. A Knight each and 5 or 6 pawns each and centralised Kings with no way through. (It did look a little boring Paul!)
Simon was next to finish. Simon said that it was fairly even early on but his opponent removed his Queen from the mating square it was defending and Simon mated his opponent.
I finished next (2 wins in a week!). My opponent missed a skewer with two rooks and his pressure down the centre collapsed and I was up Rook against Knight. I was forcing my opponent to lose his Knight to stop a pawn queening and he resigned.
Darren's opponent made the one move that he couldn't, allowing a Knight to fork King and Queen and Darren converted the obvious advantage.
Last to finish was John. It looked a fantastic game with so much going on. John played a Bishop takes pawn move that he thought allowed him a way in, but the Bishop that took John's bishop, still defended the square that John thought was the access square. In time trouble John tried to fight on (like it John - well done!), but his opponent was going to queen a pawn and John resigned.
Nevertheless, a good result. Let's keep these positive results going everyone!
Ben Vaughan