Friday, 31 January 2014

Due to time constraints, a quick review of the last couple of games: -
23 JanWigston 5vBraunstone 3
2 - 2 
1B129Chalashkanov, Nikola½ - ½Wells, Jeremy139
2W120Eastlake, Charles½ - ½Reid, Conor128
3B114Goldsmith, Rory0 - 1Hamby, Stephen127
4W109Hulford, Frank1 - 0Oliver, John116
Firstly, we start with an EXCELLENT 5th team draw with Braunstone's 3rd team. I said to the lads before the game that I'd take a draw and that's what we got!
A brilliant draw for Nik on board 1 after Jez offered a draw in the middlegame that looked a little double edged.
Charles and Conor's game was a stonewall draw with opposite coloured bishops on same coloured squares as their pawns and literally no way through for either player.
Rory was beaten by a good player but what was very heartening to see was Rory's willingness to fight on despite losing pieces and trying to promote a pawn. Unlucky Rory, great fighting spirit though, I like that.
Frank won his game very well although it seemed that Frank's opponent resigned a little early. Frank assessed that he couldn't win a piece with the right move order. His opponent assessed it differently and thought he'd lost a piece and so resigned.
Well done team, an excellent draw, the 5th team STILL undefeated.
30 JanWigston 6vRed Admiral 2
2½ - 1½
1B109Hulford, Frank0 - 1Carter, Andy105
2W104Vaughan, Ben½ - ½Parsons, Stan94
3B102Poulacheris, Darren1 - 0Slater, Mick91
4W69Dean, Simon1 - 0Cunnold, Ben60
The 6th team and last night's shenanigans now. To be honest, this was a very even match and it literally could have gone either way.
First to finish was Frank who fell to the very wily Andy Carter. Frank lost a piece heading towards the end of the middlegame and he resigned having decided that it wasn't worth playing on in a lost position.
Simon finished next, a good win given that he was a queen for rook and bishop down, next time I looked Simon was pinning his opponent's queen to his King, next time I looked, Simon had queened a pawn and then Simon mated his young opponent.
I agreed a draw when I was a piece for a pawn up and only when I was 100% sure that Darren had won. I just couldn't find a way through and I had a very weak back rank which would have been dilapidated by a wandering rook.
Darren basically smashed his opponent who didn't play very well.
Ben Vaughan