Saturday, 7 April 2012

WIGSTON champions again!

The final 1st division match of the season saw a contest between the teams lying in first and second place in the league – Wigston 1 and Melton. Wigston went into the match a point ahead, so needed to at least draw the match to be league champions. Nothing less than a win would do for Melton.

After Phil Horspool won the best played game of the evening, the score was tied on 1.5 each, with 2 games still in play. As the first time control approached it looked as though we were in trouble. Alan Ward and  Martin Burrows both appeared to be in slightly worse positions. Martin was unable to improve his position, playing against John Denton who has been in very good form this year, - although John only succeeded in the end with about 10 seconds left.

However, Alan managed to escape from a perilous situation and had a superior position when his opponent lost on time. Alan himself had less than 2 minutes on his clock, so the tension was unbearable!

There were warm handshakes all round, and Melton were  gracious in the very narrow defeat. It has been the most closely contested league for a number of years, which has kept the interest going right to the end.