Friday, 2 April 2010

Wigston 3 match against Scraptoft Valley 2

Played last night at Scraptoft Valley:

1   Tate, Michael 154   0-1   160  Dodds, Iain
2  Collins, Bob   143   0-1   160  Galyov, Ed
3     Pratt, Dave 125   0-1   143  Watkinson, Phil
4  Busby, Michael 120   0-1   150  Smith, Stephen
5     Adams, Mick 118   0-1   130  Daniel, John
calculated score------ 0 - 5 --------------------

An excellent result by the team. Iain, on Board 1, refused two draw offers from Mick Tate and concluded a very convincing king side attack to win.

Here is the critical position - see if you can predict Iain's next move:

Ed won a pawn in the middle game, then brought on the hoover to take off the remaining pieces, leaving a simply won pawn endgame. It all seemed very straight forward for the Russian master.

My game, on board 3, was quite the opposite. At one point, I missed a neat tactic which meant I was a whole rook down for no compensation. Luckily; very luckily, my opponent then decided to help me get back into the game with a period of bad moves giving me first a knight, and then the game.

Stephen always seems to have the upper hand in his game, but his opponent would not give up easily, and the game was the last to finish as Stephen shepherded a pawn home.

John also seemed to have the upper hand in his game; but was able to convert it to a win quickly.

Well done everybody,