Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wigston 3 v Shepshed match result

Played on Thursday, in the new floodlit club room, lighting which Wembly Stadium would be proud.... :

1  Smith, Stephen 150  0-1  167 Henfrey, Robert 
2 Watkinson, Phil 143 Drawn 165 McDermott, Patrick 
3   Wells, Jeremy 146 Drawn 160 Toothill, Neil 
4    Pike, Andrew 135  0-1  159 Farrall, David 
5  Cooper, Barrie 118  0-1  140 Rice, Stephen 
calculated score---- 1 - 4 -----------------------

We arrived at the club missing one of the team, so it looked like we were going to default a board, but luckily Barry was at the club, and agreed to step in.

So fortunately we had a full team, but obviously weakened and this showed in the result. The team played well, especially Barry, who was the last to finish, but the Division 1 strength of our opponents counting in the end.