Friday, 21 November 2008


DIV 1 - 1st team beat 2nd team comfortably in return match

20-Nov-08v.Wigston 2 (H)
1.M. Burrows1P. Watkinson0
2.W. Dehnen0.5I. Dodds0.5
3.A. Morley1A. Pike0
4.P. Gibbs1J. Daniel0

Andy Morley, 1st team captain, commented:
Phil 0 Martin 1: Although this went down to an opposite coloured Bishops ending - but Martin was always winning that ending.
Iain 0.5 Walter 0.5: Walter went right down to the bitter end in a Q + P ending in which he'd been a pawn up, but he couldn't make progress without conceding perpetual check. So Iain retains his plus score against Walter!
Andrew P 0 Me 1 : I got such a passive position that, when I offered Andrew a draw, he turned it down! Unfortunately for him he allowed me to get some activity and as soon as that happened I was in!
John D 0 Peter 1 : A well played and comfortable win for Peter.

DIV 3 - 4th team lose to new club Red Admiral 1

20-Nov-08v.Red Admiral 1(H)
1.J. Wells0B. Thomas1
2.B. Shuter1L. Findley0
3.P. Turland0.5P. Findley0.5
4.P. Gray0M. Slater1