Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Littlethorpe 3 v Wigston 3 Match Result


Played last night:

1 Manger, John 145 0-1 170 Gibbs, Peter C
2 Johnson, Andy 133 0-1 160 Watkinson, Phil
3 Salter, Dick 132 Drawn 141 Daniel, John
4 Sim, George 130 0-1 139 Turland, Pete
5 Winterton, George 108 0-1 135 Wells, Jez
calculated score 0.5 - 4.5
Looking at the gradings before the match, it seemed that we were the favourites on the top two boards, but the remainder were probably in the favour of Littlethorpe. In the event, the result flattered us; but it makes a nice change and we are happy to take the match and game points on this occasion.

On Board 1, Peter was a pawn down until close to the endgame, but then slowly but surely turned the game from drawish to a win; his opponent defending well and making it a tough game. I had a quick and easy win on Board 2, due to my opponent missing a mating attack in a passive position.

John's game on Board 3 seemed likely to be a draw from early in the evening, each player successfully cancelling all of his opponent's initiatives. Pete, on Board 4, was a pawn up but in a poor position; it seemed that a draw was the best he could hope for. However confusion over the digitial clock caused a time trouble rush when each player had over 20 minutes left; when the confusion had been resolved, Pete's position was much better, and he went on to win.

Jez, on the bottom board, had an even game until the later middlegame when he moved up a gear and decisively gained material and converted the win soon after.

The next match for the 3rd team is next Thursday (30th) at home against Loughborough 2.

Phil. (Temporary captain for the night).