Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wylie Cup: Braunstone v Wigston match result


Played last night at the Civic Centre, Braunstone:

                     W-B B-W
Mike Salisbury 148 0-1 0-1 Walter Dehnen 167
Paul Colburn 145 1-0 0-1 Phil Watkinson 123
Pat Hogan 121 1-0 1-0 Ed Galyov 125
David Sandovitch 124 1-0 1-0 Peter Turland 113
5 - 3
This was the last round match in the summer rapid play competition and the decider between the first and second placed teams. A win or a draw would give us the cup, while a loss would give Braunstone victory.

Our team suffered due to the dropping out of our Board 3 player, Phil Harlow; Peter Turland bravely stepped in at short notice to fill the vacancy. The result shows how both Ed and Peter were struggling against much stronger opposition.

Congratulations to Baunstone.

Walter is a very good rapid game player and did the business on board 1; I think I did well to come out evens with Paul Colburn, although Paul helped me in the second game with a uber-sharp line in the Benko Gambit which lost a bishop within 10 moves... Ed did better in his first game than his second but it was always going to be an uphill battle against an ex-County Champion. Peter had a close game in the first round, a piece up but later allowed a pawn to queen.

On the journey home, Walter summed up the mood in the car: If it is good to allow other teams to win trophies occasionally, then the Wylie Cup is a suitable candidate...