Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Syston 1 v Wigston 4 match result

Played last night at Syston:

1   Pourmozafari, Ben 120  0-1  123 Watkinson, Phil
2 Johnson, Cyril 92 Drawn 120 Daniel, John
3 Gibbs, Reg 92 0-1 112 Pike, Andrew
4 Stone, Robert 100 1-0 112 Shuter, Brian
5 Hollingworth, Stuart 96 0-1 101 White, David
Match score of 1.5 to 3.5 in Wigston's favour.
Although it looked a straight forward result on paper, in reality it was much closer and Syston could have had a draw.
My game wth Ben finished first - Ben plays very fast, perhaps too fast; and while I spent twice as long on my game than Ben (he took 20 minutes and I took 40 minutes); it was all over in a hour.
Some while later, John and Cyril on board 2 agreed a draw - "a bit boring" was John's summary when I asked him later. Because John has been playing Board 1 on home matches, and Board 2 on away matches, all his games this season has been as Black.
Brian's opponent was stronger than his grade suggested; Brian did have an better position for part of the game, but was outplayed in the endgame in a open position where the side with the initiative has a large advantage.
At this point, with only David's game still to be settled, things were looking good. the team had 2.5 points, so at least we had a draw, and David had two passed pawns so it looked an easy win. David made hard work of it (and giving me a few more grey hairs in the process) but got the result in the end.
Well done team! An important win!