Thursday, 22 November 2007

Wigston 3 v Scraptoft Valley 1 match result

Played tonight at home:
1     Dodds, Iain 134  0-1  181 Edwards, Alan
2 Harlow, Phil 130 0-1 161 Burgess, Ray
3 Watkinson, Phil 123 1-0 132 Pattinson, John
4 Pike, Andrew 112 Drawn 131 Tate, Mick
5 Cooper, Barrie 113 1-0 94 Busby, Mick
total 2.5 - 2.5
We were beaten by this team, probably the strongest team in Division 2, on the away fixture, and we were not playing our best team; so our expectations were minimal.

And so it seemed to be, with Phil H., who was constantly under the cosh in his favourite c3 Sicilian, losing. Andrew agreed a draw in a complex position, but possibly where he had an slight advantage, and Alan Edwards ground down Iain in a 73 move slugfest.

However, Barrie won in grand style on the bottom board, leaving the match result depending on my game with John Pattison which, although I was a pawn up, was dead drawn. John, however, found a way to lose, in the beginnings of time trouble, giving me the win and the match drawn.

Our next game is on Monday 3rd December (note this is different date than in the Handbook) against Littlethorpe 2A.